Services + Treatments

Avoiding Problems

Our philosophy is minimal intervention through early diagnosis and preventative care. This means looking at the whole mouth not just a single tooth. Our friendly and professional team focus on risk assessment to identify and avoid future problems.

Hygiene + Preventative

Oral hygiene services focus on preventing or delaying issues with the gums and bone, and minimising cavities. Our Preventative Care Department is there to help you avoid dentist treatment and to brighten your smile by improving the health of your gums and minimise staining.

General Dentistry

Dougherty Dental is a general dental practice committed to comprehensive dental care for you. We are focused on the maintenance of health through the assessment, diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of any disease, disorder or condition affecting your teeth and mouth.

Child Preventative Appointment

We know you want the best for your kids and our child preventative appointments are designed to give parents an additional level of care and reassurance to complement the school dental service. It’s also a great way for parents to be able to ask all those tooth, dietary and general oral health questions. Find out more >

Need teeth replaced?

Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetics are all about replacing missing teeth and/or tooth structure. Removable prosthetics involve complete or partial dentures. Dentures can be held in by teeth or implants or just rest on the gums. Fixed prosthetics include crowns and bridges and other types of implant-retained tooth replacements.

Crowns / Bridges / Implants

Crowns are lab processed restorations to replace missing tooth structure with stronger, harder and sometimes prettier materials than direct fillings. A crown is usually prepared at one visit fitted on the second visit. A bridge is a series of crowns which are connected to span a gap or tie teeth together. An Implant is an artificial root.

Breaking teeth?

An occlusal evaluation, essentially an evaluation of your bite, is performed at all New Patient Exams. It shows whether your tooth position or changes in how your teeth come together have led to destructive chewing patterns. This could explain teeth breaking frequently, or front teeth getting thin and chipped.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Often there is a chain of events with regards to diet, chewing patterns and remaining tooth structure which starts a person down a path which may eventually lead to complete dentures. Full mouth rehabilitation can help avoid or postpone this possibility with a more desirable outcome.

Unattractive smile?

Cosmetic or Aesthetic dentistry allows you look your best and still eat the things you want. Simple composite (white fillings) through to modern lab processed ceramics are effective ways to mimic natural teeth. Combined with bleaching and facial analysis these procedures help you feel good about your smile.

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover starts with an evaluation of the proportions of your face and determines how best to incorporate the shape of the teeth as a whole into the frame of the lips and the rest of the face.

Success Stories >

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a brilliant solution for crowding or protrusion of the front teeth. It is really efficient, very safe and great value. Your front teeth can be gently guided to an ideal position in a matter of weeks. It's removable, so you can take it out to fit with your lifestyle. Read more >