Avoiding Problems with your Children’s Teeth

Exciting new program on offer at Dougherty Dental

As the title reads, this is all about preventing the dreaded disease tooth decay. And tooth decay is preventable with the right tools.

Our fantastic Dental Hygienist/Therapist has started this service to the children of Southland.

The appointment will consist of an oral examination, dental hygiene clean and polish, oral hygiene instruction, dietary instruction. X-rays will be taken and a fluoride treatment will be given if required. Let’s face it parents, children don’t always listen to us about tooth brushing. This appointment is also a great way for parents to be able to ask all those tooth, dietary and general oral health questions because we all want our kids to keep their teeth forever and avoid costly dental bills in the future.

You not only get our dental therapist’s knowledge and skill but all that goes with a private, skilled and educated dental office.

But why, you may ask, we have a school dental service? This is not geared to replace the government’s service but is designed to an additive for those parents or caregivers who want that little extra.

You don’t have to be a current patient of Dougherty Dental for your children to attend.