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Invercargill DENTIST

We are a general dental practice in Invercargill, that focus on risk assessment to identify and avoid future problems.

General Dentistry

Dougherty Dental is a general dental practice in Invercargill committed to comprehensive dental care for you. We are focused on the maintenance of health through the assessment, diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of any disease, disorder or condition affecting your teeth and mouth.

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Dental Hygiene &
Preventative Care

Oral hygiene services provided by our on-site dental hygienist’s focus on preventing or delaying issues with the gums and bone, and minimising cavities. Our Preventative Care Department is there to help you avoid dentist treatment and to brighten your smile by improving the health of your gums and minimise staining.

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Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetics are all about replacing missing teeth and/or tooth structure. Removable prosthetics involve complete or partial dentures. Dentures can be held in by teeth or implants or just rest on the gums. Fixed prosthetics include crowns and bridges and other types of implant-retained tooth replacements.

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We work with the best, for you.

Dougherty Dental is recognised by leading industry organizations, and work with the best clinical partners, labs, and safety technology to provide you top-notch dental care.